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It’s very easy. First, take our style quiz to design your set, and pick a date to receive your first set. Your subscription will start when you receive your first set. Then, use the clothes while they fit, and when you’re ready to size up, we’ll deliver the next set right to your door. You get the next size and ship back the previous set for the next family to enjoy.

You pay a monthly fee to use UpChoose, which depends on the subscription plan you pick. We currently have plans starting from $29 per month. Pricing depends on the set you select and if you pick New or Preloved.

You receive one set per size or stage of growth. You use it while the clothes fit, and then you swap it for the next size when your baby is ready to size up. You always receive the next size first, so you’re never without clothes!

UpChoose works by stage of growth. Your next size is scheduled in 3 months (by default), but you can easily reschedule it from your Timeline if you need it sooner. For example, if you need your next size after only a month, you can reschedule it and receive it after a month.

You don’t commit to any period of time. You can pause or cancel anytime.

You are never charged extra for items returned stained or damaged. Your monthly subscription fee covers insurance, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Items lost and not returned are charged in the same way as purchased items. Learn more about pricing and terms for purchased items here.

You are renting the clothing sets for the time the size fits, and then swapping for the next size up!

We swap entire sets, from one size to the next. Our Concierge team can assist you if you need to adjust your set or swap outfits for a specific reason.

We create Preloved sets. Returned items are inspected, washed, and prepared for the next family to enjoy.

You can sign up anytime. If you’re starting with UpChoose at birth, you can sign up a few weeks or even months before your due date. You won’t be charged anything when you sign up, but you’ll save your spot in our schedule and have one less thing to worry about! You’ll also have access to membership benefits for free, like our Concierge service and referral program. As the date gets closer, you can always make changes and add preferences for your first set.

Yes, you can create your personal UpChoose page at upchoose.com/registry and you can also add it to your main registry (like Babylist or Amazon).

Not yet! We currently only serve customers based in the US but we are working on expanding to other countries in the future.

You can request to pause or cancel a subscription from your Timeline in the "Manage your subscription" section. If you are currently using a set, we'll email you a return label to ship it back. Once we receive your set back, we can pause or cancel your subscription.