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How to swap sizes

Learn how to swap sizes when you get your next set of organic baby clothing with UpChoose.

At UpChoose, we work to make it as seamless and easy for you as possible to dress your little one at every stage of growth. As babies often grow unpredictably, we also have to make things as flexible as possible for you. You can easily visualize and manage your program through your Timeline (in Profile > Subscriptions). Here are the main things to know about how swapping sizes works:

We swap sets rather than individual outfits

We swap one set for another set, which allows us to drive efficiency. On average, an UpChoose member receives 4 shipments over the course of a year. By focusing on bundles that we swap at each size change, we create a simpler, streamlined experience for our members and avoid the huge amount of waste and packaging usually associated with e-commerce.

How to manage subscription 1

We swap from one size to the next size up

UpChoose works by size and stage to align with your growth needs. For example, when you start with a set in 0-3m size, your next swap will be for a set in 3-6m size, and the following swap for a set in 6-9m size (unless you request to skip size).

How to manage subscription 2

You always receive the next size first

You don't have to worry about sending back your clothes before receiving new ones. You always receive the next set first, so you're never out of clothes. You receive the next size in a reusable mailer with a prepaid return label to ship back the previous set.

How to manage subscription 3

Confirm or reschedule your swap date

Your next set is automatically scheduled to be delivered to you at a future date. To make sure to send you the next size when you need it, all you have to do is confirm the date or reschedule to a week that works best for you.

How to manage subscription 4

Return your previous size

Your next set is sent to you in a reusable mailer with a prepaid return included. Take the new clothes out of the mailer, and fill it with the previous size. We ask you to please ship your set back within (about) 5 days of receiving your new set to avoid delays for the next family. You can leave it where your mail/package is picked up, drop it at your local post office, or schedule a free USPS pick-up here.

How to manage subscription 5

Have questions? Ask us on the chat or email us at hello@upchoose.com