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How to Sell Organic Baby Clothes to UpChoose

Do you have organic baby clothes you are not using anymore? You can sell to us

If you have organic baby clothes you are not using anymore, consider selling them to UpChoose.

Why Sell?

There are three main benefits:

  1. You earn money on items you're not using anymore

  2. You declutter your house

  3. You help protect the environment by avoiding waste and enabling reuse

In addition, you help other families access organic quality for their baby at a better price, as we create preloved sets with items we receive.

Whether or not you are already a customer, you can sell organic baby clothes to UpChoose

You're Already a Customer

You can return the clothes you received in your UpChoose set as well as any other organic baby clothes.

When you order your next size, it will be delivered in a re-usable shipper bag that includes a pre-paid return label. Use this label and the same bag to send back the old size.

Once we receive the old items, we will inspect them and determine an amount of credit to add to your account.

You're Not a Customer

You can sell back organic baby clothes to us even if you didn't get them from UpChoose and as long as they meet our criteria.

You can request a return bag with a pre-paid return label by filling our questionnaire here. It only takes a few minutes.

Sell clothes to UpChoose

Our Criteria

* 100% organic cotton baby and toddler clothes (up to 36 months)

* Gently used, good condition 

* Free of tears, major stains, or rips

* Clean, freshly washed 


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