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UpChoose Guide
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How To Save Money With UpChoose

Tips to lower your cost even more

UpChoose helps you save up to 70% compared to the retail price for organic baby clothes. Thanks to our return system we can sell items multiple times and reduce the price for everyone.

Here are the main drivers that determine your cost and a few tips to help you save even more.

1. New or Preloved

When you design your set, you can choose either a new or a preloved set:

  • If you pick a new set you can save up to 40% compared to the retail price of the same items outside UpChoose.

  • If you pick a preloved set, you have an extra 30% discount.

    Preloved or new set?

2. Buy or Rent

You can either buy a set or rent it.

  • If you purchase a set, you can sell it back after use

    and get up to 25% of what you paid back (depending on number and condition of items returned).

    You can pre-order your set months in advance and get an extra discount.

  • If you rent a set, you pay a fixed rental fee every month and you can swap sizes anytime you need (more info on our rental program here).

In most cases, our rental option is the most budget-friendly option as you pay a lower monthly fee and you are not charged for any stains or damages.

Buy or rent UpChoose set

3. Create or Add to a Registry

You can reduce your cost to zero if you create a registry and have your friends and family contribute towards a set. If you already know you want to rent and have an existing registry (on Babylist or Amazon for example), you can add a link there to receive UpChoose gift cards.

You can find more details about creating a registry here.

UpChoose registry

4. Return Items After Use + Extras

Whether you purchase a set or receive it as a gift, you can return items to us after use. You get credits to reduce the price of your next set.

Whether you purchase or rent a sent, you can sell gently-used baby clothes to UpChoose even if not purchased from us, and earn credits.

Selling clothes

5. Invite Friends

You can also earn credits by referring other parents to UpChoose. For each new sign up you will give $21 in credits and get $11 to reduce your monthly fee, so it can quickly get you free months!