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How To Save Money With UpChoose

Tips to manage your budget and save extra money using UpChoose

UpChoose members often end up paying up to 70-80% less than the retail price for premium organic baby clothes brands. One of the most important parts of our mission is to make the healthy and sustainable alternative more affordable to all parents. Here are the main drivers that determine your cost and a few tips to help you save even more.

Renting instead of buying

If you're looking to use high-quality organic cotton clothes for your baby, buying them can quickly become pricey. Many new and expecting parents cannot afford (or justify) to pay the premium price and end up compromising and using lower quality, inexpensive clothing. UpChoose was created to solve this: we designed a sustainable and circular model where you can effectively rent premium organic cotton clothes and only pay for the time you're using them.

As babies grow fast, each size could end up being used for only a few weeks, making a rental model much more cost-effective and affordable for all parents. When you rent a set, you pay a fixed rental fee every month and you can swap sizes anytime you need (more info on our rental program here). In most cases, our rental option is the most budget-friendly option as you pay a lower monthly fee and you are not charged for any stains or damages.

Preloved instead of New

When you design your set, you can choose either a new or a preloved set. If you pick New, you receive brand new items that you'll be the first one to use. If you pick Preloved, you receive items gently used by other UpChoose members.

In both cases, you'll save money with UpChoose compared to the retail price. But if you're looking for the most cost-effective option, we recommend the Preloved track. Our Preloved plans are priced about 50% lower than the New plans.

New or Preloved

Start a Registry

You could reduce your cost considerably by creating a registry and having your friends and family contribute to your UpChoose subscription. You can create your page for free, in a few seconds, and share your link with your friends and family. You can also add your personal UpChoose link to your main registry if you're using Babylist or Amazon for example. The contributions you’ll receive on your UpChoose page will then be used to fund your subscription. You can also receive UpChoose gift cards through our general gift page.

You can find more details about creating a registry here.

Start a registry

Sell to UpChoose

Did you know you can sell gently-used organic baby clothes to UpChoose, even if you did not get them from us? You can earn credits or cash while giving a second life to your baby clothes!

If you're an existing UpChoose member, you can include extra items in your return when you swap sets. We'll calculate a credit amount to apply to your subscription payments. If you're not a member, you can become a seller by filling out the seller form and requesting a return kit.

Sell to UpChoose

Invite Friends, Earn Credits

You can earn credits by referring other parents to UpChoose. For each new sign up you will give $15 in credits and get $15 to reduce your monthly fee, so it can quickly get you free months!

UpChoose invite friends