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7 Reasons to Rent Baby Clothes in 2022

Learn how new moms and dads are transforming the way they dress their baby by renting their baby's clothes with UpChoose.

Make 2022 the year you champion a new consumption model that is better for your baby, your wallet, and our planet.

1. You’ll Cherish Memories, Not Things

"I didn’t realize just how emotional I would get over outfits but we have made good memories in them and I love that another family will too...and so excited to use our next set that has been so loved too! You rock!"

– Brittany (@dr.brittany_pt)

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2. You’ll Save Money

"All organic, all adorable, all at a fraction of the price. Rented baby clothes, freaking amazing. I seriously love this company!"

– Jodie (@jodieebestt)

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3. You’ll Save Time and Make Life Easier

"Using Upchoose has been invaluable to us for so many reasons this first year. It’s saved us money, helped us approach baby clothing from a more sustainable place, and it’s taken the guesswork out of clothing our babe. They source simple, organic clothes for your baby, and make the process super easy, plus it saves you time on shopping and money on investing in clothes that your baby only wears a few times!"

– Jenna (@jennakutcher)

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4. You’ll Help the Planet

"Probably one of my favorite baby things I’ve found. You can rent organic baby clothes. It’s cheaper than if you bought them yourself and earth-friendly"

– Elysse (@elysseand.co)

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5. You Won’t Have to Buy New Clothes Every Time Your Baby Grows

"Shepherd is growing like crazy and all of his clothes grow out of him so fast. I don’t want to spend money on new clothes all the time. I really like it because the clothes are so soft and adorable and it’s a more sustainable model"

– Joanna (@joannawaterfall)

Mom rent organic baby clothes

6. You’ll Have One Less Thing to Think About

"The clothes are so adorable. I’m so excited. UpChoose makes things so freaking easy and I love that it’s not wasteful"

– Shannon (@shannonsoine)

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7. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

"Organic cotton baby clothes are super nice quality and super soft but are extremely expensive. I’ve been really pleased, the customer service is really awesome."

– Adrienne (@adriennefallen)

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Ready to join the renting revolution and go sustainable? Here's how rental works:

  1. The only thing you pay is a fixed monthly rental fee (it starts at $49/month).

  2. When you're ready to swap sizes, we do it for you at no extra cost.

  3. You can pause or cancel anytime.

The best part is: you don't have to worry about stains or damages, we know it's part of normal life with a baby, and insurance is covered. 

Design your set here and pick Rent at checkout! 🤗