Josh from San Francisco
Josh from San Francisco
Raising the new generation in a more sustainable world

Meet the Dads: Introducing Josh

Meet Josh from San Francisco

Meet Josh, one of our UpChoose dads from San Francisco, California. Josh is a first-time dad of Aidan, an adorable little boy. You can follow him on Instagram @diaper.side.chats.

What’s your name? Any nickname?

My name is Josh! My nickname is #worldsokayestdad :)

Live in? Grew up in?

We live in San Francisco after living many years in Portland and Seattle. 

You’re the dad of...

Aidan! Aidan is 4 months old. He's a biracial (half-Indian, half-white) baby and the apple of my eye.

What made you want to be more careful about the things you buy for yourself or your family? Was there an “aha” moment or a specific event?

While Aidan was in the womb I would read to him and talk to him each night. And then when he was born, I continued to do so after bath time every night as part of our daily routine. We'd talk about fun things like sports and tell stories of adventure but also about serious things like civil rights, the importance of diversity, gender equality, human rights, and of course, sustainability. These talks became the basis for my Instagram channel (@Diaper.Side.Chats). What occurred to me early on was that we can't just talk about these things with our children, we must live these ideals by taking action and leading by example. One of the most powerful ways to influence is how we spend our money. If we prioritize ethical and responsible brands with our consumerism, it can shift entire industries and positively impact the world. UpChoose was a natural fit.

How did you get started? What were the first few changes you made?

We really wanted to get out with Aidan and explore diverse neighborhoods and prioritize minority-led and local stores. But with Covid, this wasn't really possible with a newborn. So we started engaging with online communities and social network groups that facilitated the sharing of baby items like toys, strollers, books, and even clothes. Babies grow so dang fast that if you purchase everything brand new, you'll create so much unnecessary waste. We made a point of checking online to see if there were any high-quality used options before we made any brand new purchases. Even better, we get to pass these items on to different families, some of which are in desperate need of resources and feel like we are a part of a community that prioritizes sustainable consumption and looks out for one another. 

Josh and boy
Josh and Aidan

What are some benefits you have seen over time, are there things that worked well for you?

Babies see everything. They soak up so much, especially in those early months, that we don't even realize. My partner and I felt both the pressure and the opportunity to show Aidan that we were following up our words with actions. As a result, we have begun to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and it was spilled over into many other facets of our life. It's like he has inspired us to stop talking and wishing for a better world and just help build one ourselves. It's awesome. 

Any tips you'd like to share with other expecting parents who just heard about these issues and trying to figure out their first steps?

Everyone and their uncle has an opinion about parenting. Trust your instincts! Just decide early what is truly important that you impart on your little one and do your best to lead by example. Do your research and see the different ways you can bring these ideals to life in your everyday routines.

Can you tell us a bit about the set(s) you received from UpChoose?

We are on our very first set. I like both classic and playfully bold clothes. My partner is much more on the classic side. We explored the platform and loved the deep colors in the classic set for a mild-weather climate. Felt like a nice and easy way to dip our toes into the service. We felt really comfortable trying this out for the first set because if we wanted to try a very different look the next time, UpChoose makes it so easy to do so. My experience has felt highly personalized like UpChoose knows who we are and the style that represents who we are and what's important to us. That's really hard to do at scale. And the platform is super intuitive and easy to use.

Do you already have a favorite outfit or item from your UpChoose set? 

Our two favorites so far have been this beautiful classic green onesie from L'ovedbaby and an adorable onesie from Burt's Bees. They're both easy to get him in and out of, the fabric is very high quality organic and he both looks good and feels good in them.

Josh and Aidan
Josh and Aidan

What’s most exciting to you about being part of the UpChoose community and what are the most important things we can help you achieve?

There's something about the "Preloved" items that make you feel like you're a part of this groundbreaking story with a community that cares about the futures of the babies that have worn them before us. It's like each onesie and outfit has its own unique history. While it has been thoroughly cleaned, of course, you feel like there is a piece of that prior history that has continued on, with each child passing down some hope and good fortune to the next. Like a collection of Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys being passed down through time, each with its own story to tell. Oh, and unboxing a new UpChoose set is just the best.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Probably Time-Travel. I'd like to go back in time with Aidan and watch Babe Ruth play for the 1927 Yankees, cheer on Jackie Robinson at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, try to end slavery before it ever began, roam with the dinosaurs, and venture into the future to see what happens to our planet and our exploration of space.

Favorite activities or games you play with the kid(s)?

I still love just reading to him. We read every day and try to focus on important topics and stories. To see his eyes light up and his smile when I make funny sounds just makes me melt.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie of all time is Chinatown. Favorite superhero film is Black Panther. My favorite film recently was Minari.

Favorite song?

Imagine by John Lennon, Us and Them by Pink Floyd, Rosa Parks by Outkast, and Dear Mama by 2Pac.

Dream place for a vacation?

We've traveled all around the world with places like Tokyo, Patagonia, Hawaii, and Prague as a few of my favorites. Our next dream vacation is a Multi-Day walking safari in Kenya.

Favorite dish?

Homemade pasta and fresh omakase sushi.

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