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Jodie from Arizona
Raising the new generation in a more sustainable world

Meet the Moms: Introducing Jodie

Meet Jodie from Arizona

Meet Jodie, one of our UpChoose moms from Gilbert, Arizona. Jodie is a first-time mom of Archer who is now one year old! Becoming a mom led her to pursue more sustainable and less wasteful consumption behaviors. She joined UpChoose when Archer was 2 months old. You can follow her on Instagram @jodieebestt.

What’s your name? Any nickname?

My name is Jodie, but most of my family calls me Jojo, or Jo.

Live in? Grew up in?

I currently live in Gilbert, Arizona. I was born in California, and my husband and I have lived in Hawaii & Colorado.

You’re the mom of...

One perfectly little baby boy named Archer, a Golden Doodle & three rescue cats.

What made you want to be more careful about the things you buy for yourself or your family? Was there an “aha” moment or a specific event? 

I earned a BFA at Arizona State University, being in a liberal arts program, ethical & cultural concepts were constant topics. Specifically, another student gave a presentation on Fast Fashion in our Art & Ecology class, and it completely changed my perspective on clothing.

How did you get started? What were the first few changes you made?

I’m still definitely perfecting and learning, but I started really looking at the brands I was buying and working on reducing my overall waste. We are constantly trying to make little changes to our routines and lifestyle to be better. We also use eco-friendly diapers and plan in jumping into cloth once he is slightly bigger.

Jodie' boy in jumpsuit
Jodie and Archer!

What are some benefits you have seen over time, are there things that worked well for you?

Using UpChoose has been huge for us. We are also blessed with being apart of a huge family and use hand-me-downs daily.

❝ Using UpChoose has been huge for us. It’s like having hand-me-downs from mamas all over. I almost wish I knew all the little babies who have snuggled these outfits first.❞

Any tips you'd like to share with other expecting parents who just heard about these issues and trying to figure out their first steps?

Be patient, and be okay with trial and error! Keep going until you find what works for you and your babies. Every baby and every situation will be different but as long as you’re trying, you’re growing.

Can you tell us a bit about the set(s) you received from UpChoose? What did you pick and how have you used the platform so far? 

We started with the 3 to 6 month, preloved, classic set. I’m currently writing this, holding my little love in a Burt's Bees Baby grey footie from my UpChoose set, and he is comfy and cozy and fast asleep. He was just shy of 2 months when we got the set, but was a little on the bigger side so I ordered bigger. We had to wait about 2 weeks, but everything fits him perfectly now, and I feel like we will get another month or so (he has been wearing them for about a month) out of this set before we can jump to the next size. I have a few favorites in the set but have used almost every piece in it, and am so happy I found Upchoose. It’s like having hand-me-downs from mamas all over. I almost wish I knew all the little babies who have snuggled these outfits first. 

Do you already have a favorite outfit or item from your UpChoose set? 

We love the striped Burt's Bees outfit, but really all the Burt's Bees ones get the most use, especially the two plain footie ones ❤️

Jodie' boy in brown romper
 Archer in his favorite Colored Organics outfit from his first UpChoose set!

What’s most exciting to you about being part of the UpChoose community and what are the most important things we can help you achieve?

I love that It’s helping us be more sustainable, I love the community, and I love all the interaction and how accessible everything is. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Teleportation - be anywhere I wanted instantly. Paris for breakfast, Hawaii for lunch & my mama’s house for dinner, lol.

Favorite activities or game you play with the kid(s)?

Signing Mary had a little lamb to Archie brings the biggest smiles ❤️

Favorite movie?

The Mummy 🙈

Favorite song?

American Pie - Don McLean.

Dream place for a vacation?


Favorite dish?

French Fries 😂

What Jodie picked for Archer

3-6m: UpChoose Clothes-Only Set, Classic, Preloved

6-9m: UpChoose Clothes-Only Set, Classic, Preloved

9-12m: UpChoose Clothes-Only Set, Classic, Preloved

12-18m: UpChoose Clothes-Only Set, Classic, Preloved

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