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How to Make a Gift on UpChoose

Gift UpChoose and help your loved ones make the sustainable choice when it matters most.

Why Make a Gift on UpChoose

Despite good intentions, so many gifts for new parents end up unused and wasted. We'd like to help you make a meaningful gift that keeps on giving.

👍 It's a gift with meaning: you help your loved one adopt mindful and sustainable consumption services for their family when they need it most.

👍 You're gifting a journey, not just a product: your loved one becomes part of our program. They can return clothes when their baby grows and save money on the next size.

👍 You become part of our mindful gifting program and will receive benefits such as credits on future gifts.

We think your loved one will be thankful for it not just now but over time as they keep benefiting from the program. But don't take our word for it, hear it directly from our members here.

Option 1: Your Loved One Has Already Created a Registry on Upchoose

If your loved one already created a registry on UpChoose, it means they already selected the set they want and sent you a link to their UpChoose registry (or to another registry where they listed their UpChoose set).

If not, skip to Option 2 below.

If yes, the link should direct you to a page that looks like this (picture below). You can then select if you want to gift the set, parts of it, or contribute a $ amount.

UpChoose Baby Set

Option 2: You Loved One Has Not Created a Registry on Upchoose

If your loved one has not already created a registry on UpChoose, you can select and gift a set directly. You can make the gift directly yourself if you're the sole buyer, or you can organize a group. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Get Started" at the top right of the screen.

  2. Select a set that you want to gift.

  3. At checkout, select "This set is a gift to a loved one" in the Delivery Information section (see picture below).

  4. If you're the sole buyer, you have the option to pay with one-payment or monthly installments.

If you're the sole buyer, you can place your order. We'll contact you if we need any more info, or to make sure we are aware of any specific requests you may have.

Use gift while buying UpChoose

If you want to organize a group, select "Multiple buyers" (see picture below). All participants will receive a link to a registry page (similar to Option 1) where each can make their contribution.

Way to pay

Have questions? 👉Ask us on the chat or email at hello@upchoose.com