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How to Start an Eco-Conscious Parenting Group

If you’re looking for ways to support your green lifestyle, consider starting an eco-friendly parenting group. Learn how to start one here.

  • Learn how to meet families with the same interests.

  • See how creating a Facebook group expands your reach.

  • Discover the joys of regular meetups.

  • Understand how you can learn more from influencers.

  • Realize the importance of creating a safe space.

  • Learn how to help others respectfully.

Having a child doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your commitment to green living. Starting an eco-conscious parenting group can help you explore new ways to reduce your environmental impact and help Mother Earth.

Did you know that roughly 20 billion disposable diapers end up in landfills in the United States alone? The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that an estimated 3.5 million tons of diaper waste release potentially harmful pathogens into the soil. That’s just one example of the impact raising a baby has on the environment. We live in a time that’s all about convenience. While baby product manufacturers aim to make your life as a parent easier, those conveniences come at a cost.

The good news is that green parenting is becoming more mainstream. Sustainability initiatives are popping up everywhere as the focus on climate change grows. At UpChoose, we offer a sustainable way to clothe your baby. But beyond our subscription boxes, there are many ways to be a little greener. There’s no shortage of green parenting techniques, from using reusable nappies to renting baby clothes that are free of harmful chemicals. One of the best ways to learn more and stay committed to the cause is to start an eco-conscious parenting group.

With this blog, we’ll teach you how to reach out to your community, connect with like-minded families, and continue the green parenting revolution!

1. Connect With Like-Minded Families in Your Community

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only family that cares. Walking around your local grocery store, the options for eco-friendly products are usually limited. But don’t let that discourage you. There’s a good chance that many other families feel the same way.

The best way to start a parenting group is to reach out to those in your community. Ask around, put up fliers, and advertise in your local newspaper. If you’re struggling to find others, try frequenting places where like-minded individuals might gather. For example, you can hit up your local organic grocery store. Ask to put up your flyers and talk to the employees. They likely know many other families like yours! You can also rent a booth at your local farmers market, set up tables at events, or find a spot at other venues.

Meeting others with similar eco-friendly interests to yours requires you to put yourself out there. It can feel weird at first, but you might be surprised by just how many people in your community want to learn more about green parenting.

2. Create a Facebook Group

If all else fails, turn to social media! The internet has made it easier for people with shared interests to connect. Many even argue that we have the ubiquity of social media to thank for the ever-expanding green movement! People can share ideas and tips even if there are thousands of miles between them.

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. There’s no better place to create a social group. Make one for your local community, and it’s only a matter of time before others join. You can even open it up to users in nearby cities, establishing a network of people who are interested in raising their babies and kids with eco-conscious parenting in mind.

Use the platform to create a never-ending dialogue. Facebook groups are a fantastic place to share content from your favorite creators, leave comments, meet new people, and discuss the many ways to reduce your environmental impact as a parent. Learn about products that use a blend of plants instead of harsh chemicals, how to start a baby food garden, steps you can take to reduce food waste, and so much more.

3. Host a Monthly Neighborhood Meetup

Once you have a good collection of people in your group, consider throwing monthly meetups. It’s one thing to talk about eco-friendly parenting online. It’s another to bring families together in person! Meetups are the perfect way to get closer to group members. Kids can have fun together, and adults can explore green parenting concepts in the real world.

Have an open discussion about recycling goods, what you can do with plastic packaging materials, and how everyday choices impact the environment. You can also talk about newly discovered green items and dive headfirst into this eco-friendly lifestyle.

There are many ways to throw in-person events. You can rent out community centers, have backyard get-togethers at someone’s house, or take trips to local gardens and green spaces. Either way, these neighborhood meetings are excellent opportunities to learn and connect.

4. Follow Influencers, Bloggers, and Enthusiasts

Not sure where to start on your green parenting adventure? Turn to influencers. There are countless eco-conscious content creators on the web today. Many have a solid social media presence, YouTube channels with captivating content, and blogs filled with informative posts. They can inspire you to do better and teach you brand-new ways to adopt a greener lifestyle.

The best part is that you can find them on whatever platform you like. Prefer Instagram? Follow green parenting hashtags. Enjoy YouTube? Do a quick search and subscribe to the creators who cater to your niche. You’re bound to find influencers with sizable followings and engaging content that will continually inspire your group.

Following green enthusiasts can also help you find more people to join your parenting group. You already have a common thread with the individuals you encounter when interacting with your favorite content creators. Local fans can become a part of your group, and distant followers can join your Facebook group.

5. Encourage a Safe Space for Open Dialogue

Many people are more than willing to have open, honest discussions about preserving local habitats and which lifestyle choices you can make to save the planet. The growing interest in green energy and sustainable products is paving the way for more widespread adoption of eco-conscious living. However, there are also many naysayers.

It’s an unfortunate reality of our world, and it’s something devotees of green parenting have to combat at every turn. That’s OK. When you have a group of accepting individuals by your side, it’s easy to ignore the noise.

When you start your group, ensure that it’s safe and inviting. No one wants to feel unwelcome when discussing matters as essential as eco-friendly living. Everyone will have different approaches to green parenting. Some are just getting into this lifestyle, while others lean heavily on having a positive carbon footprint. There may be people in your group who don’t have the means to be entirely green the way others do. All opinions and ways of living are valid.

Eco-conscious parenting groups should be inclusive. Any attempt at living green is better than nothing. Don’t let your group be a place of idea policing or exclusionary communication. Keep things friendly and encourage everyone to maintain an open dialogue.

6. Stay Respectful, Helpful, and Kind

As always, respect and kindness are a must. As we mentioned earlier, some people don’t understand green parenting, and some want nothing to do with it. There are also people who will think ideas that come up are unrealistic or too extreme for their tastes.

There may be times when arguments and lively debates occur. When those moments come, remind everyone to be respectful. These groups are about helping one another and doing your part to keep our planet green. We can do that without bringing others down or resorting to disrespectful comments.

If necessary, consider creating rules and guidelines for your group. You can have moderators for your Facebook group and set realistic rules people must follow during in-person meetups. Set expectations and work continuously to ensure that your group remains positive and capable of making a difference.

Start Your Green Parenting Journey With UpChoose

Green parenting isn’t something you can just snap your fingers and achieve. It’s about changing your entire perspective while raising your kids and teaching them how to have the same values. This journey is never-ending, and you will continue learning new things and understanding how to make better choices. With an eco-conscious parenting group, you don’t have to do it all alone.

Start a green parenting group in your community. Together, you can share ideas, support one another, and make a real difference!

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