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How to Send Back Your Previous Set

Here's how to return your previous set after you received your next size

Your next size should be delivered to you in a reusable mailer that includes a prepaid return label. Please use the mailer and label to send back your previous set.

We kindly ask you to return the previous set within 5 days of receiving the new one to avoid delays for the next family.

Return instructions

Please see below the main instructions and terms you should know about:

  • Use the prepaid return label: Leave the set where your mail is picked up, drop it at a USPS office, or schedule a free USPS pick-up.

  • Send within 5 days: Please send back your set within 5 days to avoid delays for the next family.

  • Wash and fold: Please send your items washed, clean, and folded.

  • Include all items: Check your set picture in your Timeline.

  • Include extras: Include other gently-used, organic items for credits.

Are there any extra charges?

If you send back your previous set complete and within 5 days, you should not incur any extra charges. You are never charged for items returned stained or damaged.

There are only two cases when extra charges may apply:

  • If items are missing from your returned set, they are charged directly on your account as per our purchase policy.

  • If the previous set is returned late, late fees may apply depending on the delay, based on the pricing below:

    • Less than 14 days from the day your next set was delivered: $1 per day late.

    • More than 14 days from the day your next set was delivered: Based on your daily subscription rate (if you're on the $49 per month plan, your daily rate is about $1.6).

    • If the previous set has not been shipped back for close to (25 days) or more than 1 month, the subscription may be upgraded to include an additional set and you may be charged a full month for the extra set.

The dates are based on when a set is delivered to you, and when a set has been shipped back by you, as verified by tracking numbers.

Thank you for keeping the UpChoose cycle running smoothly!