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How to Create Your UpChoose Registry

Create your UpChoose page and fund up to two years of organic baby essentials

Starting an UpChoose Registry page is a great way to get your subscription funded while giving your friends and family an opportunity to make a meaningful gift and support you in your sustainable choices. We have designed it to be as easy as possible both for you and anyone who visits your page. Learn how to create, personalize and share your UpChoose registry page below.

1. Click "Registry" on the Homepage

How to create a registry 1

2. Enter your name, email, and confirm your location

How to create a registry 2

3. Add your arrival date

Note: You will be able to make it private or public in your settings.

How to create a registry 3

👍 Your page is now live. The next step is to edit it to make it more personal and welcoming to your visitors!

4. Click "Edit your Registry"

How to create a registry 4

5. Add a picture and edit your welcoming message

How to create a registry 5

6. Confirm your privacy settings

We take privacy seriously and want to make sure you feel comfortable with the information you choose to share on your UpChoose registry page.

How to create a registry 6

7. Pick a subscription plan for your gift contributions

How to create a registry 7

👏 Your page is now personalized and ready to be shared. Let's start sharing it and getting contributions!

8. Share your personal link

How to create a registry 8

Note: Make sure to share your specific page link, not our general website, so that your visitors are directed right to your page.

9. Add your UpChoose page to your Babylist

If you have a main registry with Babylist, make sure to add your UpChoose link there.

From your Babylist page, click on "Add Another Registry" > "Add Registry Link" and paste your UpChoose link. Make sure to use this method, otherwise you may encounter some syncing issues. Please note that it may take a day or two for the Babylist team to finalize the connection.

Add to Babylist

10. Get your subscription funded! 🎉

Registry contributions

Have questions? Ask us on the chat or email us at hello@upchoose.com