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Choose the best baby clothing for a smarter wardrobe

Welcome to UpChoose! Let's help you build a cute and sustainable baby wardrobe.

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    Less than 5 minutes spent

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How UpChoose works

Step 1 — Design your set

Step 1 — Design your set

Take the style quiz to design your set and add your preferences. Your set is curated just for you!

Step 2 — Enjoy

Step 2 — Enjoy

Enjoy the softest organic baby clothes. Spend less time shopping, more time cuddling.

Step 3 - Swap Clothes

Step 3 - Swap Clothes

Exchange for the next size up as needed. Shipping is always free and you’re never charged for potential stains or damages.

To start with, what size would you need for your first set?

See our size chart for general recommendationss.

In what season do you expect to use the clothes?

What style do you prefer?

Color palette:
Preview styles
Color palette:

Pick a Plan

Pick a plan that works best for you. You'll be able to switch plans anytime from your profile.

Do you want preloved items or only brand new clothes in your set?

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Great selection!

You're almost there. You will be able to customize your set and pick a delivery date on the next steps.

Please enter your details to save your preferences

Your information will always be safe and secure. We promise to never send anything that is not useful to your health and wellness.

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  • Happy charging

    You won’t be charged anything today

    We won’t charge you until we ship your first set.

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    Plan your package delivery date

    Most of our members sign up 1-2 months in advance. It's one less thing to think about!

First-time mom, Colorado

Hannah G.

First-time mom, Colorado

“We loved each set and not having to think about buying clothes”